Why Screens?

Hurricane Protection: What are your options?

So, you want to follow the experts' advice and protect your home. That's great; you've taken the first step. What next? There are many options available to you. Let's take a look at some of your choices.

Plywood Panels?

The first method that comes to mind immediately is, of course, plywood sheets. Well, if you have ever tried to protect your home from a hurricane by nailing plywood sheets over your windows, you know how troublesome that can be. They are difficult to handle, and difficult to install. That's true even for a burly 250 lb guy; much more so for the average Joe. For women, it's even more of a trouble, whether you try it yourself or find someone to help you. And, of course, plywood does not offer adequate protection against projectiles that may strike your home during a storm.

Other Shutter Panels or Systems?

Hurricane panels, made from steel or aluminum, can give you protection, but they too can be heavy and difficult to put up. Plus, storing those panels when not in use means giving up space in your garage or storage shed. On the top end, more elaborate hurricane protection systems, such as aluminum accordian or rolldown shutters, are an option, but for many homeowners they can be cost prohibitive. And if you are a Do-it-Yourself homeowner, the installation of those systems can sometimes be beyond your jack-of-all-trades skills. There has to be an easier way for you to get hurricane protection for your home, right?

Hurricane Fabric Screens: A Better Alternative

Compare those hurricane protection systems to our simple, affordable, effective solution to the problem of hurricane protection.  Our Storm Catcher hurricane fabric screens provide all the protection of other hurricane protection systems, but at considerable cost savings. Plus, at 8 ounces per square yard, they weigh a fraction of what other systems do. When you evaluate all options, we believe that you'll agree: The Storm Catcher hurricane fabric screen system makes sense for you, the Do-it-Yourself homeowner.

Effective Protection that is Approved, Lightweight, and See-through

Blocking 97% of wind and rain, these extraordinary hurricane screens are made of a lightweight, geo-synthetic fabric that can protect buildings from hurricane force winds and flying debris. Because of the unique weave used in production, our hurricane fabric screens are translucent, allowing natural light to enter from the outside. This eliminates that dark, 'closed-in' feeling that you get with some other hurricane protection systems. This feature also enables you to see outside from inside the building.

Easy to Install, Easy to Store, Can Cover Any Opening

Less expensive and easier to install than other hurricane protection systems, such as accordion shutters or rolldown shutters, Storm Catcher hurricane fabric screens are ideal for protecting any size or shape window, as well as large openings such as lanais, storefronts and entranceways. Our hurricane fabric protection system is also a great way to cover garage doors, as an alternative to the costly option of installing a hurricane door. Storm Catcher hurricane fabric screens are virtually maintenance free and can be stored in a fraction of the space that other hurricane protection systems require. For larger orders, we even provide a breathable storage bag.

Installation: You CAN Do it Yourself!

Because of the hurricane screen fabric's light weight (8 oz per sq yd), it can be installed by almost anyone. Most applications require no special tools or heavy lifting.  You have a choice of hardware, which can be purchased from us in addition to the screens. For most applications, whether attaching to a wood or concrete structure, "Panel Mates" will be the best and simplest option. PanelMates is a product of Elco Construction. These are also known as 'concrete screws', but work just as well in wood structures. These screws are secured into the substrate of the building, and have a protruding threaded post. The screen's grommets go over the post and are secured with wingnuts. If you are fastening in concrete, you have the option of using "Flush Mount" anchors. These anchors are inserted into the concrete, flush with the wall surface. The screen is secured by sidewalk bolts that screw into the anchors.

Storm Catcher: Best Option Available

The simple design of our hurricane fabric screens provides you with an attractive means of getting hurricane protection without changing the appearance of your home or building. Whether for residential or commercial use, Storm Catcher hurricane fabric screens are designed to provide our customers with a complete, affordable, do-it-yourself alternative to more costly hurricane protection systems, using the finest hurricane protection products available today.

Do It Yourself Ordering and Installation

Ordering Storm Catcher hurricane fabric screens and following the step-by-step installation process will save you money and protect you, your family and your home or business. When nature produces the high winds and flying debris that are associated with land-falling hurricanes and tropical storms, be ready with these hurricane fabric screens. You will have peace of mind knowing that you have protected the most vulnerable areas of your property with the most up-to-date hurricane protection in the industry: Storm Catcher hurricane fabric screens. Take the time before it is too late and view our Installation Tutorial so you can Order Now and be prepared for the next storm.