Storm Catcher Easy Screen DIY Instructions

The Storm Catcher Easy Screen is an innovative product combining the strength and flexibility of the strap and buckle system with our decorative low-profile slide track extrusion, making the deployment of the Easy Screen, well…..easy!

Simply slide the light-weight screen into the track along the top and fasten the straps and buckles along either the sides, the bottom or both. It’s that easy. There are no tools required and no fasteners to lose, or even keep track of.

The Easy Screen is cost effective, convenient, and code approved. As with all Storm Catcher products, the Easy Screen lets light in and provides visibility preventing the cave-like effect that comes along with many other storm protection products.

If you’re looking for a light-weight, easy to deploy and cost effective storm protection for your home, then the Easy Screen is just right for you. Storm Catcher Easy Screen…Strong, Simple, Smart.

  • Highly effective protection for windows and doors against violent storms and flying debris
  • Avoids the cave-like feeling that aluminum and steel shutters produce
  • Fast, convenient and easy to deploy
  • Affordable hurricane protection providing maximum defense
Download the easy screen install instructions PDF

Easy Screen Installation Instructions

Storm Smart supplies the following items:

  • Standard sized Easy Screen
  • Pre-drilled slide screen track
  • Instructions

What you will need:

  • A pencil/pen
  • A hammer drill or drill with a masonry setting (two drills are preferable, one to drill the holes and one to drive the fasteners, but not necessary.
  • A ¼” masonry bit and a 5/16” driver bit to drive in your fasteners.
  • A level (preferably at least 4’)
  • On taller openings you may need a ladder

Step 1 – Installing the slide screen track.

Measure the width of your slide screen track. With your pencil/pen mark the center of the track. Make the mark on the side of the track that will face away from the wall.

Ideally, the edges of the Easy Screen should be equally spaced away from all sides of the buck opening. However, depending on the size of size of your particular opening, the screen dimensions may vary. The track, once up, should be spaced evenly from either side of the opening.

Measure the height of your screen and then subtract from it the height of the opening. This will determine the total overlap. The screen should be installed so the overlap is equal for both the bottom and the top of the opening. For example, if your screen is 16” larger than your opening, then the slide screen track should be 8” above the opening). Once you know the distance above the opening where the track will sit, mark that spot on the wall (as close to middle of the opening as you can) with your pencil/pen.

Measure the width of the opening and find & mark the center. Using a level, draw a straight line up from the center of the opening that meets up with the first mark you made for where the track will sit.

You’re ready to fasten the track to the wall.

Line up the mark you made on the track with the centered mark you made on the wall. Ideally you’ll be holding your level under the track while you drill your first hole. Using your drill fitted with a ¼” masonry bit, drill your first hole into the wall. Always try to drill a straight hole so the fastener sets flush. Once the hole is drilled, place a tap-con into the hole and, using your 3/8 driver, drive the tap-con into the wall. Once the first tap-con is in the track and tightened, place your level on the track. Make sure the track is level. Drill another hole in the substrate and drive another tap-con into the track. You should now be able to drill the remaining holes and tighten the remaining tapcons.

Step 2 – Installing the Strap Brackets

You are now ready to attach the strap brackets. This system incorporates a low-profile stainless steel bracket which is permanently attached to the wall with two 5/16” tap-cons.

Slide the screen into the track that you just attached. Make sure that the label on the screen and the buckles are facing out away from the wall.

Start at the bottom on the left or right side. Pull the first strap down tight. Line up the brackets up with the straps and keep the bracket approximately 1 ½” away from the edge of the buckle. Mark the wall through both holes at the end of the bracket with your pencil/pen. It is important to keep the bracket straight.

With your masonry bit, drill where you have marked. Once the holes are drilled, fasten the tapcons tightly into the bracket using your 3/8” driver bit.

Repeat this process on the opposite side. Once the opposing two bottom strap brackets are attached, repeat this process with the remaining bottom straps.

Starting on either the left or right side, attach the Strap Brackets along the sides, repeating the steps to attach the strap brackets to the wall. Once all the Strap Brackets are attached, The Easy Screen installation is complete.

Fasten all straps through strap brackets and into the buckles (see Strap & Buckle deployment instructions attached) to make sure they all work properly.

Download the strap and buckle instructions PDF

Congratulations, your Easy Screen installation is complete.