Innovative DIY Hurricane Protection from the Industry Leader

Over the past 21 years, Storm Smart Industries has become the largest manufacturer of hurricane protection products in Florida, featuring a full line of hurricane protection systems to protect any home or business highlighted by its industry-leading Storm Catcher line of hurricane fabric screens.

Protective screens have become an immensely popular form of hurricane and storm protection for homes across the world.

Our cutting edge Storm Catcher Screens are Florida Building Code and Texas Department of Insurance approved storm screens that are built to withstand 155mph winds, while blocking 95% of the wind and rain.

In addition to providing your home or business state of the art storm protection, the see-through screens also serve as a lifestyle product, allowing you shade from the sun, energy efficiency, and privacy, while still being able to enjoy the view of the outside from your home or business. They also come in four different colors (gray, black, beige, and bone) to match your home's or business' décor.

Unlike heavier hurricane shutters or panels, storm screens are lightweight and easy to move. In fact, so easy that many have opted to install the screens themselves.

That is why Storm Smart is offering you the opportunity to Do It Yourself and save!

Through this website, Storm Smart will provide all you need, to install our Storm Catcher Screens and protect your family and home.

Whether it’s a major weather event or just relief from the daily weather, Storm Smart's Storm Catcher Screens are equipped to do the job.

To learn more about Storm Smart's Storm Catcher Screens, click here.